Soumik Das

Soumik Das PGDM (IT & Marketing)

Batch of 2017-19



There’s a Chinese Proverb which goes, “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still.” With this in mind I came to Sri Balaji University.

Hailing from the town of Jamshedpur, I was accompanied by my childhood friends to SBU to explore myself, came here not only for studies but for learning.
According to me, a manager must be ready for anything that comes in his way and should have a practical solution for each problem in his path. I came here to equip myself with such abilities.

A stranger in a foreign land, the induction programme familiarised me with the ways of SBU. I am grateful that during this period I made friends who became family to me and with whom the foundation of a strong friendship was laid.

Professors noticed this zeal in me and provide me an opportunity to work for the HR Meet. I got to work with the finest seniors who became my mentors through the course of my SBU life and are still guiding me.

Noticing my performance, the directors gave me an opportunity to be a part of the Corporate Projects Team which works for the Summer Internships as a part of the MBA course.

Corporate Projects team is a student body, working round the clock, pitching to companies for internships. As a team, we used our individual skills to fulfill team objectives and in this pursuit we all bonded as family. This team led to be the chief coordinator of BIMM’s National Business Convention 2018.

From my childhood I had a knack for performing arts, and I got plenty of opportunities to perform on stage, mostly as an emcee in events like The Aiyaswamy Cup, Fresher’s 2017, Achievement Day 2018, Fresher’s 2018. The highlight of my stint was getting recognised by Bala Sir for my efforts as a presenter. I was recognized as the President of the BIMM Student Council for my efforts.

United,we lifted the Drishti Cup with BIMHRD as joint winners of the 15 day mega event. It was one of a kind experience to organise such an event where I learned leadership and teamwork.

During the placement season ‘Aditya Birla Retail’ chose me as its employee under the Retail Leadership Program with the opportunity of holistic development in all areas of the retail sector. I am really enthused to be a part of such a company and looking forward to my association with it.

Lastly, I would like to thank Professor Dr. Col. A. Balasubramaniam Sir for making careers of budding management.

Karan Veer Narang

Karan Veer Narang PGDM (IT & Marketing)

Batch of 2017-19

“Your Network is your Net Worth”
MBA/PGDM is a step in most people’s life, but for me it is a dream come true. Quite an experience it has been having taken a bold move in life. Having started off as a hotel management graduate from IHM Pusa, New Delhi, to working full time for 4 years with ITC Ltd. Hotels Division as Duty Manager and then making the mind for Post Graduation. Mycolleagues from work, spoke well about Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune when I expressed to them my plans for MBA, among other people.
My trust on them combined with so many merits the institute offered drove me to Sri Balaji University. On my first day, I met an extraordinary person who would be my roommate and one of my closest comrades for the next 2 years. The session began with a grand welcome of the new students with traditional dress competition where all students showcase their best attire followed by a small quiz before a winner is declared. I remember the panel firing some of the history questions at me which I could answer with some difficulty. I did secure the second position though!

I heard people talking about the strict rules while I felt comfortable in the spacious facility, after all hotel management is 2nd only to Army when it comes to discipline. I have seen people being sent back from job for not polishing shoes or cutting nails. A new phase of life had begun, and handling Statistics and Accounts seemed the biggest challenge. Such a lively group of enthusiastic people with all kinds of talents was my river, there were not only great leaders but also great followers and team spirited people. They knew the art of not just hearing but listening too and mutual respect for each other was at the peak. Many great sessions were scheduled during our induction, with the best faculty that exist across industries.
I participated in the river introduction and choreographed the Indo-Western Group dance in Aiyaswamy festival 2017 and our river gave a tough competition to the winning 2 rivers, above us. Later on in the other cultural festival “Mini Aiyaswamy”, an opportunity of being the compere for the “CLASSY.. CLASS C” was given to me.

There is something known as Induction presentation that every student has to give, in front of at least half of the batch i.e. 500 students. We were to choose the companies of our liking and give a case study presentation as to what those companies are all about and where they are headed to and if they should be doing something more. With all the limited knowledge we have in the first few days of MBA course, every student tries their best at it. After all it is the first impression of yours in front of the batch. I got a partner better than me who had a towering personality. Together we presented on the company Apple Inc. We also made a small commercial to give that extra edge to our presentation. We did fairly well and scored one of the top 10 positions from non- commerce rivers.

Along came a brother from another mother, whom I found as my true alter ego. Totally opposite in every aspect, yet a person who completed the duo. We had more debates than agreements but complimented the skill set of each other like two sides of a coin. Both of us were always enthusiastic about Marketing as a lifestyle more than a subject and lectures of the professor will always occupy the prime position in my psyche… WOW…mesmerizing. I clearly remember, there would always be a battle in the class of who would give a better example of the lessons being taught.

Both of us were always restless and wanted something more from life. We wanted to hone our skills further and at a much faster pace and the hunger only kept on growing. This hunger thus gave birth to #Upwards, the channel which would give all the students of the institute, latest news updates and who other than the students themselves doing it. We started by finding out news and doing our research and would make videos for people to watch. We added value to both the sides of the screen, from students who wanted to present boosting their skills and learn through research to students who would watch the video and gain the knowledge. Within no time Upwards had a web domain, a Facebook page and even a hand sign, more than success, it was a revolution in its own.

In the first Corporate Interface Program in September 2017, I didn’t go home (Jaipur) but went to Hyderabad instead, to tour the place and indeed I was not disappointed with the city. But more than that, it gave me a new friend who was a brilliant person, worked for 5 years with GSK (a big name in Pharma) and a very humble man with whom I pitched into every company religiously that was assigned. It was a thorough learning exposure when we as students went out to take appointments ourselves with the who- is- who of the big corporate organizations. Quite an experience!

Later in October, there was a new concept being introduced in the institute, to have a council of first year students as well and though I had thought to let it pass, my friend filled the application form for both of us on the last day of submission and with a few rounds of interview, we made it to the council. It always feels nice to be in the list of the ‘First ever’ but this could not have been possible without the support of the comrades.

It was admission season and the students were about to go on the second Corporate Interface Program (CIP) in January when an idea struk me. The motive of this CIP was to train the students in direct sales as well as selling admission forms of the institute. I thought of making a bridge between the students, their prospect customers (applicants) and their parents, as parents also have a big role to play in the decision of a B-school for their children. Along with my friend, and some students of the institute we made 5 short videos highlighting the USP’s of the institute to send along the students to showcase to the prospect customers. This would help in conveying the right and full information without distortion to the very end, i.e. the parents. We shared this idea with the Director Admissions and IT who found some merit in our thought. Our small idea then became the official word of the institute and our work did catch some attention. Towards the end of CIP, we could deliver more than 30,000 reach of our videos on the Internet with great response of students. We added further videos of Student Campus Placement Experiences which were also received with much love by the students as well as the applicants. This indeed worked as a turning point in my life. Our hands on experience with video recording was that of a rookie, our knowledge of script writing was limited, there was a lot of retaliation from a lot of students about what we were doing for reasons better known to them, but we had the will of fire, a will to never give up. Our work till late nights, generating content for the promotion of this remarkable institute and always thinking of doing more, bore fruits. We showed a 218% growth in the number of application forms for the admissions for batch 2018-20.

2018 had begun and I knew that my inclination towards digital marketing was only growing. With some success in the initial project, we could dare ask the management of our institute to send us to NHRD Hyderabad Conclave 2018 (the biggest HR conclave of Asia), to represent our institute, make the arrangements there and capture some of the wisdom of the industry big shots. Hyderabad was on the cards yet again. Along with a team of first year students, my friend and I made this journey where we got the best exposure there can be. Speaking to the top management personnel recording their interviews was an experience I believe hardly any student gets in his lifetime. We also got fortunate to be asked for our resumes to work in their organization. Indeed an experience to be cherished!

Later we were chosen to go to the Alumni meets and capture the life experiences of the alumni to share with the students. This activity would later also connect the students with the alumni bringing the Balaji family closer. Meeting such big shots and experienced alumni who are at the top management levels of their respective companies these days was an experience that was out of the world. I never had imagined so much love would be given to us and that they would treat us as young family members and extend us so much support and wishes, also some offers to work with them. I made it to two alumni meets, Mumbai and Delhi where I got connected to so many success stories.

I feel that our batch was lucky that we got to witness Drishti 2K19. This competition was taking place after 2 years and this time even the alumni were hyped up about it. Initially I had no plans of participating till our Student council President approached me to anchor for BIMM. I felt it was a big opportunity and was filed with deep gratitude towards them for finding me worthy. It was indeed much fun. Wonderful is the feeling of team work and we witnessed it every day at the institute.

Thanks to all these experiences, and much more that was left unsaid that I realized where I wanted to move next. If it weren’t for these experiences, the support of the management, alumni and love of batch mates and first years, I would never have realized my interest in Digital Marketing. Today I can proudly say that I have been the first ever student of Sri Balaji University who got a job as a Core Digital Marketing professional with one of the top Agencies in the country, SRV Media Pvt Ltd.
Throughout my journey of evolution in these 2 years, there were more downs than ups but I was always surrounded by the most fabulous people every time who would lend me a hand and pick me up every time I would fall, my closest friend and ex colleague from ITC has always been the one who has taken out time to teach me subjects for exam, boost my morale and support me in all the ways there can be to make me become a better version of myself. Also my gratitude extends my friend who in-spite of keeping busy, helped me with his analytics knowledge to complete my summer project which ultimately helped me score 2 job offers.
No one can survive alone and thats why we all need to #GrowTogether #Upwards

I would like to end with making 2 statements,
“Believe in the power of Mind”
“Be the brand”


Rajit Dey

Rajit Dey PGDM (IT & Marketing)

Batch of 2017-19

The land of art and culture moulds you with grace and I embraced it all. My journey towards a corporate transformation from an artist began right on the fine morning when my cellphone greeted me with a mail from Sri Balaji Society.
It was not long I was arranging my belongings at the fortress looking hostel, filling the paperwork, trying to get hold of a sim card, getting ready for the first traditional day ceremony of SBS, and at the same time trying to digest the fact that this place will be my home for the next 2 years.
The sorting hat said Brahmaputra and the river started flowing with poise and brought with it learnings in disguise. The daily activities and workshops which then seemed to be naive proved to be the most important value adding process. Two months sculpted a man out of a boy.
The trail had to be followed and the burden of examinations, assignments, presentations, surprise tests and quizzes soon started drowning me only to make me realise I was in the river of knowledge.
Four phases in four semesters.
The first gave me the opportunity to work with Dr. Biju Pillai Sir, in the admissions department for digital marketing. Undoubtedly the best way to learn something is to apply it in the practical world. And I understood it then.
The second introduced me to our senior Public Relations Officer, Abhishek Tiwari, and with the support of our Director, Dr. Archana Shrivastava, I started contributing to the Public Relations Team of Balaji Institute of Modern Management. In the company of consummate team members my personality saw an instantaneous magnification.
Then came my internship with Berger Paints India Ltd.
With unparalleled learnings my internship cruised me to my success story.
The third semester cropped up with the season of placements. And Deloitte was one of the first companies to visit our campus for placements. Little did I know during the pre placement talk that the end of the day would bring about one of my happiest moments in life.
After rounds of aptitude, essay writings and interviews, Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. found me worthy to be a part of their organisation as an analyst, USI clients & marketing organisations.
Being among the very first few to get placed surely made me feel elated and that rushed me through the third semester.
Filled with events made me learn lessons of management in the practical world. Being a core member of the team organising the events obviously had its perks.
This college has given me experiences, learning, life lessons, habits and a way of life that I doubt any other college could have.
Not on the top of the list but striving to be makes the experience even more captivating.
And this experience would be incomplete without a special mention to Prof. Col. Dr. A. Balasubramium sir.
As said for few, it would be fit to respect him as the title of the rock album by El Duce read, The man, the myth, the legend. Without his rebuking on the first week of college for not shaving, I do not think I would have been on this path.

And surely this journey would be a murk if I do not mention 3 people.
Friends, family, brothers, guide, teachers, support, and everything I needed them to be.
Ratul Dutta(BIMHRD), Somya trivedi(BIMM) and Soumik Das(BIMM).

Comprehensively, these 2 years probably would be the best ever years in my life till the end of time.

Thank you Bala sir.
Thank you Directors.
Thank you faculties.
Thank you seniors.
Thank you batch mates.
Thank you juniors.
Thank you everyone associated with the name of SBS.

And last but not the least, nothing would have known its existence without the support of my parents and family. I owe you everything.